3d car mats

Currently, our company produces six types of 3d floor mats, KAGU, KALADIN, Classic A, Classic B, Classic C and Classic D 3d mats, all of them use patented environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic, no smell, no stiff in winter cold, the same soft in summer, 100% waterproof, dustproof, anti-slip and easy to clean.

Type Surface Middle Bottom Pedal Colors Link
KAGU TPE XPE TPE Stainless iron Rubber Beige, black, grey More info
KALADIN PVC XPE PVC Stainless iron / Beige, black, grey More info
KAGU TPR XPE Antislip Print / Beige, black, grey More info
Classic A TPR XPE TPR Stainless iron Rubber Beige, black, grey /
Classic B PE XPE PE Stainless iron Rubber Beige, black, grey /
Classic C I Shrink Velvet XPE PVC N/A Rubber Beige, black, grey /
Classic C II Shrink Velvet + XPE(25KG)+TPE+Anti-slip PVC / Beige, black, grey /
Classic C III Shrink Velvet + PE+XPE(35KG)+PE+Anti-slip Stainless iron / Beige, black, grey /
Classic D Pearl Velvet XPE Anti-slip Stainless iron Rubber Beige, black, grey /

Box size of package:

Type Length Width Height Products Quantity
Box A 98cm 77.5cm 56cm KAGU ≈20 sets per box
Classic C I
Classic C II
Classic C III
Classic D
Box B 100cm 60cm 75cm Classic A ≈23 sets per box
Classic B

The following list displays some of our products, please chick a brand to view products under it. Besides, you can also click on our catalogue, to learn all models we support now. If you still can not find your target mats, always remember to contact us for customized services.

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