Advantages of 3d car mats

September 19, 2015, 9:26 pm

The first generation of car mats are universal car mats, they are simple designed, and suitable for all models and brands. However, with the continuous improvement of living standards, people are increasingly demanding comfort with their cars. They are not simply need a car, but a car with clean and tidy floor and interior. In order to meet that kind of demands, some manufacturers pushed out 3d car mats on the market.

Well, today we are about to talk about 3d car mats, we will tell you how good 3d car mats could be, and why you should buy 3d car mats for your vehicle.

Better floor protection

3d car mats have a higher surrounding than universal car mats, so it offers a better protection for the floor and interior from water, sand, snow and other debris. Of course, it is the most basic function for 3d car mats.

Mats dedicated to specially models

3d car mats are designed for specially models. Whenever designing 3d car mats, engineers need to scan the floor and interior of the vehicle, and then input the result into a computer for next step. After that engineers design the molds according to the results of scanning with a computer output. By doing that, engineers are able to ensure the molds are very right and the production of corresponding 3d car mats. And the finally products are not just good looking, beautiful, but also offer the best protection for the floor and interior of specially models.


Since 3D car mats are designed according to specially interior and floor of vehicles, the finally products are very suitable with the vehicles, as a result, the mats will not easy to slide forward, which gives 3d car mats a very great anti-slip properties.

Good price

Generally speaking, 3d car mats are cheap. Most 3d car mats adopt XPE foam materials with a attachment of PE, PVC, PVR, anti-slip clothes among other materials, those materials are cheap, then after a heat processing, pressing and edging, the finally products are ready for package and delivery. It is very easy for manufacturing. Therefore, the prices of 3d cat mats are not very expensive. It is something that everyone can buy for their vehicles.