How to choose right 3d car mats

September 29, 2015, 5:53 am

When it comes to 3d car mats, we all understand that those mats are great, those mats offer a better protection to the floor. 3d car mats are amazing, and there are lots kinds of 3d car mats on the market. And here comes a problem, how do we choose the right 3d car mats from so many for our cars? Now let’s just discuss about the right way to choose right 3d car mats.

First, we need to understand what kind of features we need for a 3d car mats, water-proof, easy to clean, anti-dust, anti-slip etc. Yeah, those are the features we need.

Water proof
Nowadays, most manufacturers use rubber, XPE, EVA etc to make 3d car mats, and all those material are water proof, with a higher surrounding than universal car mats, 3d car mats are easier to hold plenty of water, and this feature could protect the floor from get wet.

Easy to clean
We all know how dirty it can be if the floor does not have any protection. And for this reason people invented mats to get a protection. After several days or weeks or months usage, your 3d car mats will be definitely very dirty, may be your daughter put her ice scream on the mats, and may be you got some dirty snow on the mats. So, cleaning the mats could be a problem. Just as what I have told you, for those 3d car mats which are made of rubber, XPE, EVA, they have a water proof feature, so you just need to wash the mats with clean water and cleaning.

Dust resistance
Expect 3d carpet car mats, most 3d car mats have a good feature of dust resistance. It can protect your floor from dust easily. And also as you know that 3d car mats have a better surrounding, which makes the dust resistance feature even better.

3d car mats have a better anti slip feature than universal car mats. However, not all the 3d car mats have the same anti slip abilities. For example, The PE bottom has a poor anti slip ability than the anti-slip clothes bottom. And if your 3d car mats have a poor ability, your mats might be moved forward, in that case, the mats may touch the brake, and that will lead to a very bad result. It may take a longer time to stop your car if you need a brake as the mats touch the brake pedal. So, when choosing 3d car mats, it would be better to choose 3d car mats with good anti slip material at the bottom.